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We’re here to spill the beans and share our secret sauce: the Pre-Submission Checklist for Music Tracks! This invaluable checklist is what our diligent reviewers use when assessing music uploads from our contributors. By going through this checklist before submitting your audio track, you can expedite the approval process. So, let’s dive in and ensure your music shines!


Audio Files
Audio Files

Levels: Double-check the levels to ensure optimal audio signal flow, avoiding clipping during processing and mixing stages.
Mono Listening: Give your mix a spin in mono to catch any stereo image, phasing, volume, or clarity issues. Audio Files

Solo Tracks: Listen to each track separately to detect unwanted clicks, pops, hums, rumbles, digital distortions, or other noises.
Reference Track Comparison: Compare your mix with a commercial-ready track to achieve a professional-sounding mixdown and master.
Mastering Completion: Have a mastering expert or utilize available online tools to put the finishing touches on your track.
Sub-levels: Assess the sub-bass levels, ensuring they are balanced, as excessive sub-bass can be problematic on larger sound systems.
Speaker System Check: Test your mix on different speaker systems such as car audio, laptops, smartphones, home stereos, and headphones. This helps identify any mixing issues or inconsistencies.
Fresh Ears: Take a break from your track and return to it later with fresh ears. Listen as if you were hearing it for the first time, and consider listening from different positions or in new locations. Multi-task while playing the track to see if it still sounds good.

Song Structure/Arrangement

Audio Files
Audio Files

Arrangement Review: Assess whether the track sounds too busy or well-arranged. Consider muting any elements that don’t fit.
Song Structure: If applicable to your genre, ensure your track follows a proper structure, including intro, verses, choruses, bridges, breaks, and outro.
Element Harmony: Check if all the elements blend well together or if there are clashes. Aim for a pleasing combination. Audio Files
Variation Review: Ensure there are changes occurring at appropriate intervals (every 8 or 16 bars) to keep the song dynamic and engaging.
Instrumental Assessment: If vocals are present, evaluate whether the instrumental stands strong on its own.
Smooth Transitions: Pay attention to the transitions between sections, striving for seamless and natural flow.

Emotional Impact

Mood Assessment: Reflect on whether your track evokes the intended emotions and feelings.
Final Steps

Thumbnail Generation: Create captivating artwork to accompany your track.
Copyright Check: Ensure all the samples used are legally cleared, avoiding any copyright issues.
Seek Feedback: If possible, share your track with a small group of trusted individuals and gather their feedback. Take note of any distractions or instances where certain instruments get lost in the mix.
Reasonable Satisfaction: While it’s rare to feel 100% satisfied with your work, aim to be reasonably satisfied rather than seeking elusive perfection. The pursuit of perfection can hinder your progress and prevent you from finishing your track.
By following this Pre-Submission Checklist, you’ll elevate the quality of your audio submissions and increase your chances of success. Good luck, and keep creating amazing music!

Audio Files
Audio Files

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